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ClearWay Stoma Bridge

A great solution to the problem of pancaking.

Pancaking occurs when the front and back of the plastic films that make up a pouch stick together. It prevents waste matter from entering the pouch, which can cause problems often leading to leakage and sore skin. ClearWay fits inside a pouch and has been specially designed to keep the plastic films that form your pouch apart; thus reducing this problem.

ClearWay is available on prescription and can be ordered directly from your stoma pouch supplier.

Benefits of using ClearWay

  • Reduces pancaking
  • Reduces pouch changes
  • Discreet in use
  • Choice of 2 sizes

Available in:

  • Packs of 30 cubes

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Additional Information

ClearWay is available on prescription.

ClearWay Stoma Bridge (1 x 30) cubes Order Code: 7700.

ClearWay Mini Stoma Bridge (1 x 30) cubes Order Code: 8800.

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