First of all, remember that this will be something you will notice far more than those around you. If you’re close to your work colleagues and they know that you’ve had surgery, it may be something you can speak to them about. If you don’t feel confident bringing it up, try using a stoma management product to help with smells and noises:

AbsorbaGel® is our fast-acting discharge solidifying agent, which solidifies stoma output into a gel and reduces pouch related odour and noise.

LiftPlus® 360 Citrus is our 2-in-1 medical adhesive remover and deodorant.

DeoGel®’s enzyme action helps to reduce bag odour.

NaturCare® discreetly neutralises unpleasant odours.

NaturCare® IPD neutralises odour, making the emptying or disposal of bags less obtrusive.

LiftPlus® Citrus Wipes has a fresh citrus scent for added discretion.