It’s important to plan ahead when packing and always pack plenty of supplies in your main luggage, along with a travel pack for your hand luggage. This travel pack could include:

  • Spare bags. Consider the flight time, along with the airport waiting time, and calculate how many bags you would normally need within this period and ensure you add at least this amount. Colostomy UK recommends that you should consider taking all of your bags in your hand luggage if possible, in case of lost luggage at your destination.
  • Disposal bags. You may want to ‘double bag’ any of the bags to reduce odours in the plane bathroom bins.
  • Stoma management products. If you normally use wipes, sprays, etc, don’t forget to include these but always makes sure you do not exceed the maximum limit for liquids (100ml in the UK).
  • Travel certificate. Speak to your stoma nurse about a travel certificate which explains to travel authorities and their staff that you have a medical condition and wear a stoma.