It’s useful to know that controlling the smells inside the bag is a good first step. For example, some foods seem to make smells worse and as we’re all affected differently by different foods, it’s worth working out which ones seem to affect you. Equally eating specific foods can also help reduce odours with some people swearing by parsley!

There are some stoma management products that can also help:

LiftPlus® 360 Citrus a fresh citrus scent for added discretion

AbsorbaGel® contains absorbant granules that solidifies stoma content into a gel

DeoGel® contains enzyme deodoriser to reduce odour within the bag

NaturCare® discreetly neutralises unpleasant odours

NaturCare® IPD neutralises odour, making the emptying or disposal of bags less obtrusive

LiftPlus® Citrus Wipes a fresh citrus scent for added discretion