Firstly, it’s important to understand why your skin is sore and then the correct solution can be used.

  • Make sure your bag fit is secure and snug around your stoma to prevent any leakages that could make your skin sore. If you are having problems with this, contact your stoma nurse who will be able to help you. Specialist creams can also help: LaVera can help to protect against harmful body waste and soothes and moisturises the skin and SkinSafe® is an effective barrier film that helps protect the skin and prevents skin stripping.
  • There may be some skin damage when removing the bag. An adhesive remover can help here. LiftPlus® 360 and LiftPlus® 360 Citrus can help to reduce the pain associated with the removal of stoma bag adhesives. LiftPlus® and LiftPlus® Citrus Wipes can be used to help remove any sticky residue left on the skin around a stoma.
  • Pancaking (when the plastic films that make up a bag stick together and prevent waste from entering the bag), can cause leakage and sore skin. DeoGel® is a high viscosity gel that helps prevent bag layers sticking together to avoid the problem of pancaking. ClearWay® has been designed to fit inside your bag to keep the plastic films that form your bag apart.
  • As bodyweight can change over time, it’s important to occasionally re-check your weight as this may affect how your bag sits around your stoma.
  • As your stoma shape and size can change over time, remeasure your stoma using the measuring guide that came with your bag and discuss with your stoma nurse.