Pancaking occurs when the front and back of the plastic films that make up a bag stick together. It prevents waste matter from entering the bag, which can cause problems often leading to leakage and sore skin.

Some bags can also help reduce the problem. The NaturFit® Ileostomy and Colostomy bags include integrated carbon filter for reduced risk of pancaking. To help reduce the risk of pancaking, add a small amount of air into your bag before application and then place the filter sticker (which is included in your NaturFit pack) over your filter to stop any more air coming in or out. This will allow some of the air to stay in your bag. Once your stoma has functioned and if you are not planning to replace the bag immediately, you may want to consider discreetly removing the sticker from the bag to encourage the stool to drop to the bottom (which will also help release any smells) and then reattaching a sticker.


Some stoma management products can also help:

DeoGel® is a high viscosity gel that helps prevent bag layers sticking together to avoid the problem of pancaking.

ClearWay® and ClearWay® Mini have been designed to fit inside your bag to keep the plastic films that form your pouch apart.