NaturFit® Urostomy pouch

Our one-piece urostomy pouch created for added comfort and security

Product Benefits

  • Developed with GRD® technology for reduced risk of leakage and skin irritation
  • Non-woven fabric for reduced noise
  • Hydrocolloid adhesive for a secure fit to individual body shapes
  • Split panels for easy viewing and positioning around the stoma
  • Soft and flexible for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Soft and discreet fold-away rubber tap
  • Multichamber design for reduced noise and risk of leakage


GRD® technology has been designed to confirm to the natural body shape, allowing for added security and comfort. The adhesive ensures that the hydrocolloid provides a secure fit by adapting to the imperfections on the skin’s surface.

The one-piece pouch is available on prescription and includes:

Urostomy pouch – max cut to fit:
Cutting size: 15-60mm / No. of bags in a box: 30 / Product Code: 6689-60

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