Stoma management support

Useful information for managing your stoma

If you have a stoma, you may sometimes find you experience problems such as skin irritation or leaking.

This is very common with up to 85% of ostomates experiencing some of these common problems.

This could be a result of your appliance technique or the pouch not suiting your needs. Other times, a stoma management product can help resolve the problem. There are a number of types of stoma management products available which include:

Medical adhesive removers: these help to reduce the pain associated with the removal of stoma pouch adhesives. Some medical adhesive removers, such as our LiftPlus® 360 Citrus, also are a combined adhesive remover and deodorant in one.

For more information on Opus Healthcare medical adhesive removers:

LiftPlus® 360
LiftPlus® 360 Citrus
LiftPlus® Citrus

Solidifying agents: solidifies any liquid within the pouch to a gel consistency, helping to reduce leakages, noise and odours.

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Barrier films and creams: provide a barrier to help protect and/or moisturise the skin.

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Lubricating gels: lubricates the pouch walls and helps prevent static problems such as pancaking.

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Stoma bridges: are placed within the stoma pouch to prevent the front and back of the pouch sticking together (called pancaking).

For more information on Opus Healthcare stoma bridges:

ClearWay® Mini